Tips for Decoration kids

Nursery decorating ideas, colors and room available for children for children should be controlled by a common thread: Fun.

Friends and customers ask me all the time, what exactly a child’s room big? And, more specifically, what are the kids really good decorating ideas?

My answer is always to go for fun and ideas will come!

Organize your decorating ideas around the following four nursery, and your function and add style to the equation and end up winning children’s rooms.

Color: The color selection room for the kids is easy. Let them take. Expect that their choices are clearer, sharper, wilder than yours was.

My daughter chose bright orange and yellow for his room and it was a smart choice for an intuitive north small room facing the minimum natural light from a small window. Warm colors brighten the room and then they pull the walls and ceiling, they gave the room a safe, intimate feel that makes the room feel cozy. Let the kids!

You can choose three or four additional tones related to your child’s selections of original paint to add interest and complexity. Use them as accent paint colors and choice of accessories.

Remember to take the ceiling as another area to give life to color.

STORAGE: The funny thing about storage. No matter how much you have, you still have to fill it. Nursery storage can be tricky. Kid have so much!

What about the boxes of toys that double as toys. Do you have a young knight who was a castle with battlements can use it behind? It may make the door drawbridge of his drawers toy making fun of cleaning. Fun! There’s that word again.

A toy chest Doll’s House is also a good idea. Make a simple gabled roof with 1 / 4 “plywood and paint siding, doors and windows with shutters on the sides. Do you have a dancing pirate, football player, a ballet or a farmer? You get the picture.

Pull the plastic containers that fit under the bed or bottom of the cabinets can be found in any store that sells housewares. They are ideal for smaller children’s rooms. Shelves that end-table height (22-26 inches or 56-66 cm) of playing surfaces and provide double the storage at a height children can actually use. I found a great level hanging baskets for clothes and miscellaneous items at Ikea.

Space and scale: The best children’s room decorating ideas to celebrate.

A huge empty space in the middle of a room would be the signal that something is missing in the composition. In the room of a child is a gift. I try not to clutter the room of a child as long as there is no place to roll on the floor with the puppy, or build a LEGO city or take a portion of the dough. Make sure there is room for play.

And how your child’s room, they will feel more comfortable and confident when you bring the scale up their views and needs. I talked about the end of the book shelf table height they have easy access. If your child’s room has a high ceiling, consider painting a darker color to feel closer. You can use a “chair rail” trim down to two meters high ceilings give a feeling of space around the children. Hang pictures and other art unless you have in other rooms. After all, it’s their room.

CREATIVITY: Imagination is more important than knowledge, a wise man once said. So give your children many opportunities to create.

I drag a material blackboard and chalk so that children can get their fill “- and then start the next day.

Modular furniture can keep a flexible space to accommodate different activities … and children can move to create their own arrangements. Bulletin boards, mop boards, posters and personal space for art … it’s all good.

No matter how big or small space, the best nursery decorating idea that I leave the bedroom conducive to creativity of your child. Creativity can be messy, so consider linoleum tiles that can be easily scratched. Washable wallpaper can be painted, and sharper, saturated colors that can not easily see the dirt and wear.

I hope these ideas inspire you … they encourage your creativity to come up with ideas to decorate the room of your own child.


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